TiyaatarPro –

TiyaatarPro was founded in October 2017 as a creative collective for film production.

It is headquartered in tha capital city – of puntland Garowe

TiyaatarPro is a group of Senior journalists founded .privately operated, and publicly and privately supported an

independent Media network designed to serve Somali society.


Our aim is the creation of artistic valuable and successful films ranging from feature to documentary and experimental films. Our current focus lies in documentaries for cinema and TV.


Our heart lies in all genres, but especially in documentary film. Our core of dedicated producers steams with energy for real human stories. We enjoy all phases from active concept development, to producing, over to final distribution strategies – we are devoting ourselves to these steps with all passion together with the director and the creative team.

We want to tell strong stories, our audience to be enthused and inspired, surprised, to be made laugh and cry – given food for thought. We believe that movies matter, that they can contribute to a collective consciousness, provoke discussions and change for a better society.


Our portfolio is continuously growing and in the last years we found a focus on films with political and social issues. We dig into microcosms, telling small and personal stories, human-focused, giv- ing a glimpse into the life of individuals within current socio-political conflicts and developments. But we also tackle the macrocosm, try to ask ourselves bigger and more complex questions, deal- ing with the kaleidoscope of stories of global impact, we want to reveal these existential coher- ences.



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